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Our team of highly trained and multilingual specialized professionals are ready to assist you with all the arrangements and logistics necessary for your Domestic and International shipments.

International and domestic shipping - Cargo Sales International

International and domestic shipping

Simplify your logistics needs with our versatile shipping options, enabling smooth and secure transportation both internationally and domestically.

Confirmed itineraries - Cargo Sales International

Confirmed itineraries

We ensure peace of mind with our meticulously confirmed itineraries, assuring you of precise and reliable scheduling for seamless international and domestic transportation.

Local funeral home pick-ups and deliveries - Cargo Sales International

Local funeral home pick-ups and deliveries

Pick-up and delivery services from local funeral homes in Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC.

Flight Charges - Cargo Sales International

Flight Charges

All shipments are prepaid on our account, eliminating the necessity to bring payments to the airport.

Consular Paperwork - Cargo Sales International

Consular Paperwork

We facilitate translations, apostilles, and legalization of international paperwork for consular clearance.

Customs Clearance - Cargo Sales International

Customs Clearance

Trust us to handle the intricacies of customs procedures, ensuring a hassle-free experience as we expertly navigate the complexities of international regulations, guaranteeing swift and compliant customs clearance.

We keep you informed of cancellations or delays - Cargo Sales International

We keep you informed of cancellations or delays

We prioritize clear communication, keeping you updated and well-informed about any potential cancellations or delays, ensuring transparency and minimizing disruptions throughout the transportation process.

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